Order 300 Best Boolean Strings, Second Edition - by Irina Shamaeva

The Second Edition of "300 Best Boolean Strings" has been completely updated to capture the latest changes in search best practices for 2017.

"300 Best Boolean Strings" is a new e-book with a collection of over three hundred best Boolean search strings and templates, along with explanations, and detailed, up-to-date search tip sheets. It has been in the works for the last two years, as I have been saving my searches created during sourcing projects, in response to our student's questions, and to demonstrate various search hacks in webinars

I have included strings for X-Raying data-rich sites and Social Networks, sourcing for professional profiles, lists with contact information, data verification... you name it! The 300 Strings cover advanced search on Google, other search engines, and major Social Networks, for a large variety of industries, positions, and locations. The e-book includes numerous Tip Sheets with the latest Boolean search syntax. Finally, I have included search strings for using in conjunction with many Custom Search Engines that I have constructed.

"300 Best Boolean Strings" can serve as a tutorial, a sourcing tool, and a reference guide to advanced searching.


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